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Cosmetic tattooing is an ancient art form and thanks to new techniques and the evolution of our industry and equipment, it can be even more natural and realistic than ever before.  Using a wide variety of tools and techniques we are able to simulate hair stroke eyebrows, beautiful lasting eyeliner, and natural looking lash enhancement and even reshape and define your lips.  Micropigmentation is meant to augment your natural beauty and simplify your daily beauty routine.


Micropigmentation varies depending on your individual body chemistry, lifestyle and ethnic background.  Every client heals differently.  This is why each new service includes two sessions in the price.  It is essential to assess color retention and shape.  Cosmetic tattooing is not an exact science but an art form.  Some clients may not need their secondary session at all while other may need to come in for additional touch up sessions.  The cost for this is $75.00 within 90 days from the last session.


While any skin pigmentation procedure will have some measure of discomfort, we are able to use quality topical anesthetics prior to and during the procedure.  Ensuring clients will be as comfortable as possible.  Each clients pain tolerance is different, but every effort will be made to keep you comfortable.  Clear communication throughout the process is part of that effort.


Although sometimes referred to as semi-permanent, it is a tattoo and can be permanent depending on your skin.  It may also last for years before a color refresh sessions is needed. Micropigmentation is considered a low maintenance solution, it is meant to fade over time.  This is a good thing as it does allow for small changes to be made over time.  Once your follow up procedure is finished and healed you can book your color refresh session every 1-3 years to keep it looking its best. Ask about my referral program.


What is the difference between microblading and microfusion?  Permanent makeup is essentially tattooing.  Microblading is a manual method. Using hand tools, artists can create beautiful hair stroke detailed brows.  Microfusion method uses both the digital machine and the microblade hand tool we can create the most realistic and long lasting brows.  Ombre brows are a more detailed and finished appearing brow.  Much more a kin to a well executed makeup brow.  The "On fleek look". Depending on your skin type desired results I can recommend the best option for your brows.


Permanent makeup is an art form.  When researching who to choose for your procedure there are a few important things to look for.  


Josephine Love as been in the beauty industry for over 10 years.  Starting out as a licensed cosmetologist, she is also an award winning and internationally published makeup artist.  Her strong background in aesthetics is an essential when considering your permanent makeup. 


Not all permanent makeup training is equal.  A minimum of 100 hours primary training is essential to understanding the important sanitation requirements, medical issues, color theory, skin types and artistry of permanent makeup.  There are many two day classes offered for permanent makeup especially for microblading only, which may not allow for the additional time and in depth review of these important subjects. Josephine is always updating her knowledge of products, techniques and style as well as participating in continuing education. 



Always feel confident to ask your artist about his/her sanitation process, to see your disposable needles opened in front of you.  Certifications should also be available. 

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