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As an internationally published makeup artist, licensed cosmetologist and seasoned wedding professional Josephine has the breadth experience and eye for detail you are looking for.



 With her knowledge of current beauty and wedding trends as well as her appreciation for the past she can help you achieve your vision.  Having worked with thousands of women from many different backgrounds, age range and cultures she has the experience and eye for detail you are looking for.

A deep love of beauty, history and service have been at the heart of my work as artist for many years. I have had the honor to provide beauty for many different kinds of people for many different needs.  

Preparing brides for one of the biggest rituals of their lives is a sacred duty and one that has existed for time out of mind.  Attendants to physically spiritually and emotionally prepare brides for such important event have been part of this ritual of union for as long as we can remember.  



 Beauty is such a personal thing to most.  The diversity of my clients and their wide range of personal style is what we love most about what we do.  Each client is treated as an individual.  Through our in depth consultation. We get to know what your personal vision of beauty and style is.  From there we can help craft a unique style tailored to you and your event. Your bridal trial appointment will be a fun no stress day where we can take our time and experiment with different options to find just the right look for you. On the day of your event we come to you fully equipped and prepared to serve you where its most convenient and comfortable for you.  That way can relax and enjoy the day with your family and friends. Online contracts and payment by credit card make booking and scheduling easy and simple. 


Focused on individually tailored beauty needs for one. Skin makeup hair styling.  Dedicated to ensuring tranquil space to prepare you one on one for your event. Fully equipped and including an in depth trial day prior to your event date. 

30 minutes
Free in person or over the phone. We can discuss your vision style and review any materials or media to help build our inspiration.  Creative direction and research, if you aren't completely sure of the direction you would like to go I can help you with a few different options to choose from.  I will also give you recommendations for skin and hair prep as needed.
In depth trial up to 2 hours to
Up to 6 hours on site. Including initial application and any changes or refreshing you throughout the event. 
Important things to note:
My books are only open within three months of the date of inquiry. 
In order to provide the most present stress free and quality service I only take on one client for the day. I can refer you to other artists for attendants or others beauty services.

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